Hydra Jet Peel

One of its kind treatment

JET-Skin Transformation is a first in its class comprehensive rejuvenation treatment for face and skin that cleans the natural skin debris by exfoliating the damaged skin cells. Through it’s fibroblast (skin rejuvenation technique) activation, it infuses the much needed bio active skin and hair nutrients which enhance the skin tone by extracting the impurities from the skin.

How it works?

ET Dermal Infusion technique forms a subsonic jet stream of micro droplets by combining oxygen and liquids to nourish your skin. The stream provides your skin with an unparalleled tissue penetration and absorption of various skin and hair nutrients. All this is achieved in a pain free way without the usage of any needles, breakage of skin or discomfort.

First in its Class

Hydra Jet peel through its unique first in class technology nourishes your skin by delivering aesthetic medical solutions to the depth of upto 4 microns- all of this without making a contact with your skin. A multi-faceted treatment, Jet Peel provides the delivery of saline, nutrients and hair restoration solutions for spas and aesthetic businesses. Jetpeel also facilitates the delivery of numbing agents or PRP for medispas and clinics to eliminate the need of needles and the mess of cream.

JETOP Scalp & Hair Care

Jetop is the state-of-the-art method for treating the scalp in MEN and WOMEN in a non-invasive, painless and pleasant way, achieving a significant rate in reduction of hair loss. Jetop targets lush and super glowing hair using peptides, antioxidants, and a compound that works stronger than Minoxidil.

  • Pomegranade & Capixil
  • Reconstructs and strengthens hair
  • Stimulates growth
  • Gives hair a fuller glowing look
  • Decreases inflammation to skin and scalp
  • Reactivates the bulge stem cells
  • Gives a metabolic boost of derma papilla cells
  • Hydra Jet Peel Comparision


    This is a special compound of herbal ingredients that target stem cells and human fibroblasts from the dermal papilla to encourage hair growth and reduce hair loss. Redensyl increases hair growth by 214% and has better results than the gold standard Minoxidil.